Reminiscing over all things Retro in BIG books. Retro-spective Books has been bringing Spectrum game guides to the masses for the last five years, with more to come.

The home of retro books and magazines, including CRASH, ZZAP! 64 and FUSION

Rakewell has a large stock of Z88 related products.

Hermit Retro Products makes replacement boards for retro computer cases. We also are working on updated versions of existing Spectrum hardware and brand new products based on the Spectrum visual style.

Here at ZX Renew we love retro computing as much as you do. That's why we are passionate about bring you the BEST in high-quality replacement parts to keep your retro computing journey going into the future.

Providing new software for old micros since 2002

We work with other suppliers, designers and specialists in the retro-computer community to supply a wide range of items aimed at supporting the users of the full range of Sinclair based computers, including the Cambridge Z88 and Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

A UK reseller that sells devices and components for retro computers. With a wide range of retro MicroSD tape devices and mods we are trying to do our bit to keep the retro scene alive.

For 28 years, SINTECH have supported the Spectrum, bringing new and old hardware and software.

We sell classic console games, vintage computer games as well as the consoles and computers to play them on. We also sell all kinds of accessories from joysticks to power supplies.

Spectrum and other merchandise

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