We are extremely pleased to announce the official Spectrum 40 raffle!
The prize on offer is this ZX Spectrum Next.

Everyone is able to enter, with the prize being drawn at the event.

What's more is that every online order for event tickets automatically receives an entry into the draw!

Prepare to fall in love with a computer all over again!

Entry to the event isn't a requirement to take part - you can purchase tickets here


This ZX Spectrum Next has been upgraded with:
  •   - PI Zero Accelerator board. This is needed to load TZX images.
  •   - WIFI chip
  •   - 2GB Memory (from 1GB base)
  • - Power Supply
  • - Box
  • - Manual (which is really good and covers all aspects of Next BASIC)
  • - Power switch (the Next does not have a power button so this removes the need to unplug it)
  • -16GB Micro SD card with the Next build plus possibly every Spectrum game ever made.

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